Tron (TRX) transactions on Twitter will soon be available with Seedit

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August 16, 2018 by
Tron (TRX) transactions on Twitter will soon be available with Seedit

Tron is taking some great steps to provide high-quality customer service. And, one of their recent efforts was to add Seddit to their platform. Seedit– Tron payment platform is soon to launch on Twitter. It will allow people to send TRX all around the world using various social media platforms.

Seedit announced the news on Twitter, on August 9. The tweet reads, “Seedit has been tested on Twitter and is ready for launch. Soon you’ll be able to #GoSeedit $TRX to your favorite bloggers, authors, musicians, and family! Who’s on your list?”

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Tron super representative Sesameseed created Seedit. The aim of the company is to provide Tron holders a way to easily send TRX to anyone– favorite bloggers, authors, musicians, friends or family. With Seedit, one can easily send Tron token to anyone around the world using simple commands from various social media platforms like Telegram, Twitter, Reddit and Kakao.
Seedit mentioned in a video, “Making a wallet requires little effort. Simply send a payment to a new user and one is automatically generated for them. The private key and wallet address provided by Seedit give users full control, which they can use to link their accounts to their personal wallets and transfer funds quickly and securely.”

Though the company confirmed that the test phase is over, it did not mention any exact date from when the platform will start on Twitter. Tron community is pretty happy with the recent developments, in fact, Justin Sun even shared daily transaction details to show how quickly it is moving up the ladder of success.

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Sun posted that Tron will soon surpass Ethereum in their daily transactions. It has been just a month that Tron has been launched and its daily transaction is already around 128,438. Justin Sun tweeted, “#TRON (launched for 1 month) daily transaction: 128,438 vs. #ETH (launched for three years) daily transaction: 636,342. We are on the way to surpass #ETH. $TRX #TRX #ethereum.”

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